The     Makeup      Bullet

The Makeup Bullet

Latex-Free! Hypoallergenic! Washable! Fits Snugly on a Finger Preventing Drops! Leaves Hands Free! Can be used for Liquid, Creme and Powder Cosmetics! Versatile Design includes a Point, a Straight Edge and a Rounded Side! Ideal for bending around the eyes and the entire face! The MUST HAVE tool for your beauty arsenal!..."The Makeup Bullet!"

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The Makeup Bullet

The secret of amazing makeup is flawless blending! If you are used to using conventional cosmetic sponges to apply makeup you are adding unnecessary time to your makeup routine by putting them down and picking them up throughout your application! When using The Makeup Bullet™ you’re essentially using your finger!... which cuts down your time in the mirror and adds to the control you have in applying your makeup!

Because of it's patented design, The Makeup Bullet™ gives you increased speed, accuracy and precision above other sponges. It's pointed tip is able to reach even the most challenging areas where precision blending is key to achieving a more polished look such as the corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose and cheek bone area if you are into creating dimension through highlighting and contouring! 

The Makeup Bullet™ can be used dry or damp, is washable, hypo-allergenic and latex-free. Please refer to instructions for best practices for use and care

Frequently Asked Questions

Does "The Makeup Bullet™ - HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge" contain Latex?

No. It is not made of Latex. It is a very soft hypo-allergenic and washable foam. We make every effort to pamper your skin.

Won't "The Makeup Bullet™" Sponge absorb too much of my makeup if I use it dry?

Some sponges absorb more makeup than they smooth on your skin or are so rough or dense you have to wet them for them to accept product effectively. "The Makeup Bullet™" is designed to pick up and deposit just the right amount of makeup to yield flawless results...even when dry!

Well...what if I do want to use "The Makeup Bullet™" Sponge wet?... Do I wet the entire sponge?

If you desire to use "The Makeup Bullet™" wet, it is not recommended that you wet the entire sponge because it will swell and be less likely to fit snugly on a finger as it is designed to do. Place "The Makeup Bullet™" on the finger of your choice (ring and middle finger advised for most applications) THEN lightly mist the outside of the sponge only OR dip the tip of the sponge in your desired liquid such as water or setting spray.

How long will "The Makeup Bullet" Sponge last?

How long your sponge lasts will depend on how often you use it, the products you use with it and how you care for it. With regular use the life span is about two months. It should be apparent when the sponge has worn out. When that occurs visit this website or one of our retail partners and order a new one!

My fingers are kind of small/big...Is "The Makeup Bullet™" sponge One-Size-Fits-All?

The Makeup Bullet™ is "one-size-fits-all. If you have small fingers we suggest placing the sponge on your ring finger and loop your middle finger over it for extra stability. If you have larger fingers, The Makeup Bullet™ does stretch. Take your time easing it on, making sure not to tug excessively or the sponge could rip.

I am a retailer/distributor. How do I obtain wholesale information for "The Makeup Bullet™?"

Send us an email at sales@themakeupbullet.com